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Σάββατο, 25 Ιουνίου 2011

Olive tree cultivation in ancient Greece

Regarding the cultivation of the olive tree, Theophrastus wrote that the spread of the olive tree was applied with many ways but the penetration of a branch in the ground, as it happens in the case of the fig and pomegranate. In contrast, sticking the kernel of olives in the ground will grow only wild olive. When he visited Taranto in Italy, after examining the local olive groves, wrote that the trees should be kept together. Furthermore, he mentioned that the fewer the branches the better they are developed and becoming more productive. He also added that the wild olive could not ever been domesticated. However, he added, some argued that if transplanted after the cut foliage, it grows back and gives olives.

Solon, regarding to the olive laws, determined the ideal distance of planting at least nine feet from each other. Moreover, it was frequent in antiquity, the fig planting next to an olive tree, while there was a perception that, if you plant an olive branch into the trunk of a fig tree, it will grow.


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