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Σάββατο, 30 Ιουλίου 2011

Why do we use polaroid images in the fooditerranean blog?

We are not experts on photography but we are good in taking photos, (well, at least we hope so).
Now, let me tell you the story about the “Polaroidized” images in the fooditerranean blog.  Polaroid print is like the dark room print. No photo comes up to be the same. It is like a “handmade” print so each photo is unique. Thus  the picture is both original and natural. Actually, nature (light) participates in printing, so the final picture is an authentic product made by the nature as well.
Comparing to digital Photoshop manipulated images, Polaroids are really imperfect. Photoshop can make a photo “too” perfect, even better than reality. Well, actually this is not reality. In digital photos we can have perfect copies, and totally customized and identical outputs. 
Now think food.  Industrialised food, looks really attractive, delicious and perfect. It can be reproduced in thousands, very fast, very customised.  Authentic foods cannot be produced in large amounts, due to the limited natural sources and “working hands” they occupy. It is like an ….ART. Actually this is the point. Traditionally made food encloses both part of nature and human work. In terms of nutrition that means added value, healthier food, real food, slow food.  
Voila, this is the correlation between Polaroid images and traditionally made food. This illustrates perfectly our perception about food and completely identifies the products we support.

Source: fooditerranean team