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Friday, August 5, 2011

Greek honey: Definition & Production

Honey can be called only the product that is produced by the bees, while consuming nectar from flowers. The final product as we know it, is actually a mixture of this nectar with the bee’s specific substances, after the process of maturing that takes place in the honeycombs. Honey can be fluid, viscous or even crystallized.

According to a recent European survey, Greece produces about 12.000 tons of honey per year, categorized in 8 different varieties.  Every variety is named after the flower’s type that was used by the bees. For example if the bees were located in a pine forest, the nectar is collected by the pines, and the honey is named “pine-honey”. Common are also the thyme and the fir honey.

Maria Toumpi, Msc
Clinical Nutritionist - Dietitian

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