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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eating habits in ancient Greece. Tip-4: Ingredients and dishes

An ancient  Greek daily menu included olives, dried figs, almonds, walnuts, eggs, fish, vegetables, garlic, onions and pulses.  It is said that Hercules’s favourite dish was a broth of peas. They also liked eating vegetables with a sauce made of olive oil, vinegar, various spices and honey. A common dish, in an ancient Greek menu, was pork with prunes, stuffed sucking-pig, called “kreokakavos”, which was made by fresh side pork with sweet and sour sauce with honey, theme and vinegar, accompanied by mash chickpeas. The lower classes used also to eat soups, particularly fish soups. Just like in modern Greece, sardine was considered as the fish of the lower classes.  

Maria Turiakidou
Graduate Historian

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