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Sunday, September 25, 2011

An imaginative voyage in Greece

Light-hearted summer sadly came to an end, it has replaced by autumn, which brought a cloudy day in Moscow, rains, coolness as usual ... But we would like to go back, to stop a moment and stay in the summer. We would like to go to the “paradise”, to touch other cultures and to forget about the bad weather outside... But in fact, we don’t always have to go and to fly hundreds of miles for this; sometimes we can create the serene atmosphere of other country at home.

The most important for this is just to have the wish, and some imagination. If we do not have enough of sunny weather, so we may have to move to the sun-drenched and surrounded by the sea of Greece by using our imagination? For this, it could be enough to cook some traditional Greek dishes - so healthy and fragrant- so only the sight of them effervescing spirits. For more sensations, we have to switch on Greek music; it can help us to feel Greek soul, which, surprisingly, is so close to Russian in many respects. And now it’s the right time to gather our dear people at the table - you'll be stunned by how such moments will bring you together. Forget everything extraneous, after eating take a photo album with your summer photos, no matter where they were taken, most importantly the happy memories which come after looking through the photos. Enjoy! And let the Greek atmosphere help you: the exquisite taste of dishes, the beautiful rhythms of music, happy memories will create the harmony.  What could be more important than this? 

Ekaterina Oleynikova
PR / Journalist

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