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Τρίτη, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Saliq: A Traditional dish.

Syrian was the celebrated Moabia, his father was one of Prophet Mohammed’s most fanatical enemies, but he embraced Islamism. As leader of a large fleet landed in Cyprus in 625, which he overtook and used as a base for raids in the Aegean Sea. He terrorized Crete and looted Rhodes, from which he even took pieces of the famous Colossus, selling it as scrap iron. He continued in Kos and Chios, until his fleet was intercepted by Byzantine fire outside Constantinople. These were the first of an endless series of Arab raids. Soon all sea trade in the eastern Mediterranean passed entirely into their hands. It was them who supplied Europe with the valuable commodities of the East, including mastiha. Meanwhile the Arabs themselves consumed substantial quantities. Mastiha was a favorite pleasure. Even today, saliq, a rice porridge cooked with meat and flavored with cardamom and mastiha, is a classic Saudi Arabian dish. It is accompanied by the traditional Arab salad of onion, celery and hot pepper, finely chopped and seasoned with salt and lemon juice.

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