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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honey in breakfast. (Kids Version)

Honey, can be considered as an essential ingredient when it comes to children’s nutrition. It promotes the bowel’s healthy function when It also gives to our body a great variety of micronutrients, water soluble vitamins and energy as well. So, if your child is over the age of one, here are some breakfast solutions for him/her, sweet like honey!

  • Serve with bread and marmalade.
  •  Honey makes a wonderful spread. Healthier than chocolate toppings, it can be spread over margarine on toasts or crisps or can be mixed with tahini and nuts in order to provide to your child some calcium as well. Serve with a glass of milk.
  • Replace the chocolate flavor powders which are full of sugar and preservatives with the pure nature extract called honey. Dilute it to her/his milk to make it taste sweet and yummy.
  • Serve fruits and yogurt, covered by a thin layer of honey. Spread some smashed nuts on top to make it tastier.
  • Serve yellow cheese with honey. This weird combination tastes really well and can also be a temptation for children who dislike cheese. 
  • Fresh fruits complement it ideally.
  • Bake small cheese pies, cut them in the middle and fill them with honey. You can also serve some fresh juice with them.
  • Boil some porridge; add nuts and dry fruits, but no sugar. Serve it to small bowls, and pour some honey over it.


Maria Toumpi, MSc
Clinical Nutritionist - Dietitian

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