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Τρίτη, 1 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Honey production in Kea

On the small Greek island of  Kea we practice fixed comb apiculture as opposed to nomadic apiculture practiced by most bee keepers in Greece.  This means, that the hives remain in the same location throughout the year so that the bees may take full advantage of the local efflorescence. Even though the method of fixed apiculture is not as fruitful as the nomadic method, in islands such as the Cyclades there is no other option as the blooming periods are specific to the entirety of  the island surface, while transporting bees to the mainland is prohibitively expensive. The primary benefit of  this method is that the bees stay clear of cultivated fields- where there is always a possibility of pesticide use- while simultaneously we achieve the best health of the bees as the bee hives are geographically isolated by the sea.  The whole process is always carried through with the deepest respect to this extraordinary insect that bequeaths us this treasure, with great care to the product itself, to guarantee the finest quality of thyme honey.

With tradition as our guide, but also with the aid of modern technology, our goal is the production of a high quality end product, 100% organic and unrefined which shall be enjoyed safely by our children and families before everyone else.

Stamatis Paouris 
Traditional bee-keeper

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