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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spargana: a Christmas specialty from Epirus

Similar to Puglia’s cartellate, women in Epirus prepare every Christmas a special plate called “Spargana”. Spargana, are similar to pancakes, but they are cooked in the fireplace. A special stone is used, flat and even, which is placed it in the fireplace in order to glow. Spargana are being baked on it. Pancakes are placed one on the top of the other, poured with warm honey and sprinkled with nuts. The tradition says, that this pancake looking dish reflects the sheets that was rapped the newborn Jesus, called in Greek “Spargana” and is usually served on Christmas Eve.  Εven if you do not own a fireplace, or a special cooking stone, you can use your Teflon covered pan to bake some Spargana. 


Use a fork to mix the flour with the warm water, by adding both ingredients slowly. After a thick porridge is formed,  add some of it in the preheated pan. Make sure that you spread this quantity all over the pan. After 30 sec, turn the pancake to the other side until it’s well done. Then, place it in a large dish and spread it with the nuts. Continue this way, until you run out of porridge. Meanwhile, bring the honey to boil and add in it the peels and the cinnamon.

Cut the pancakes into squares or in the middle and pour the warm honey mixture over them.

Serve warm and enjoy!

Maria Toumpi, MSc 
Clinical Nutritionist - Dietitian
Epirus, Greece

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