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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


RUSTIC BREAD WITH CULTURE YEAST: this is “authentic” bread, produced in the traditional way. As a consequence, it is the tastiest, the most aromatic and lasts more days. Its leavening needs time, therefore it can be found in only few bakeries.

RUSTIC WITH YEAST: Nowadays, the rustic bread we find in most bakeries is made with yeast, since it leavens easily and quick. It is produced with various improvers   like preserving and raising agents, which belong to food additives (E).

WHOLEGRAIN BREAD: It is made with whole-grain (brown) flour and is rich in dietary fibres and B-group vitamines. In some bakeries you can also find wholegrain bread with culture yeast, which connects the benefits of wholegrain bread with the traditional taste of naturally leavened bread.
One slice (30 grams) of wholegrain bread contains about 73 calories.

MULTIGRAIN: It is made with flour from different cereals. Usually also dried fruit, oat flakes, groat etc. are added. It is extremely rich in nutritional ingredients (B-group vitamines, micronutrients) and dietary fibers, whereas it provides our body with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. One slice (30 grams) of multigrain bread conveys about 79 calories.

MAIZE FLOUR BREAD: Its yellow colour is due to the maize flour mixed with the white one,used for its preparation. It has a special taste but little nutritional value in comparison  with the multigrain bread.
One slice (30 grams) of maize flour bread contains about 72 calories. 


WHITE BREAD: It is made with white flour (which has undergone artificial bleaching), is poor in nutritional ingredients and only rich in starch, though it has artificial additives.
One slice (30 grams) of white bread contains about 80 calories.

FRENCH BAGUETTE: It contains additional sugar and salt. It can be white, black and with sesame, though the healthiest kind is the wholegrain baguette.
One slice (30 grams) of French baguette contains about 87 calories.

THE IDEAL MATCHING for sandwiches
The choice of bread also influences the sandwich ingredients.
The salmon can be matched with brown multigrain bread, whereas the ideal match for smoked fish (trout, eel) is wholegrain bread.
For a delicious sandwich with salami (like ham or salami) prefer the rustic bread.
The cooked salami (cooked ham, turkey etc.) match with the white baguette or with a koulouri from Thessaloniki.

Tip: Wholegrain breads, the multigrain and rye bread have more benefits for our body, since they are richer in fibers, B-group vitamines, iron and Ω-3 fatty acids which prevent thrombus formation, regulate the circulation of lipids in the blood (they reduce LDL, the “bad” cholesterole and the triglycerides), reinforce the immunitary system and limit the inflammations.

Dietitian and Nutritionist Panagiota Basta Greece
Translated by  Claudia Corriero Italy
Food photography by Patrizia Corriero Italy

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