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Πέμπτη, 12 Ιανουαρίου 2012

George’s MARTINI

During my studies in France I used to mix many of the available ingredients in the fridge to make some wonderful salads. Although salads are not the subject of this article, keep in mind the concept.

I generally like to store a bottle of martini wherever I live. So I did in France, next to the bottle of my white French wine.

It was that night when I invited a Polish classmate of mine at my home for some chatting. I was really fed up with drinking just a martini with ice cubes; in addition I wanted to impress the girl. Αll I could do was to apply the same old concept. Mix some available ingredients.  A few minutes before the arrival I started to prepare my new cocktail. I took the glass with the martini and a couple of ice cubes and I dropped some lemon. Next, I add a couple of big green Greek table olives but still something was missing. Eureka…Some black pepper to make it spicier. Voila. Needless to say that we tried it several times that night. My friend was really impressed by my new cocktail, and she called it George’s Martini. (Make no mistake. Neither the recipe nor me have anything to do with Mr Clooney). 

After that night I adopt my new recipe and I tried to serve it to my French, English, South African, Turkish and of course Greek friends. The multi-cultural approval of my recipe really excited me.

The moral of this story may be: Impressing women and hating routine can drive you creative.

George Gkekas | International Business Developer

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