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Πέμπτη, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Traditional street food: Roast corn or Roka.

Walking across the streets of the big Greek cities, you can see outdoor vendors trading all kind of delicious traditional snacks like bake rolls, roast corn (roka) and hot Salepi, souvlaki, loukoumas. All the above traditional snacks are available on the road. These traditional “fast foods” are all part of Greek nutritional tradition and social culture, coming from the distant past without any distortions in the production or service process.

Roast Corn (Roka): It is a very common snack for the big events or public shows, cinemas, playgrounds, squares. Kids love it and young couples enjoy it while walking hand by hand. It is served with or without salt always on a corn plant leaf. Obviously it is an absolutely get away food. It is baked over charcoal.

Nutritional properties: Vitamin B5/ Vitamin C/ Energy 280 Kcal/ Fat 1 gr/Cholesterol 0mg/  Folik acid 41 mg/   Carbohydrate 19 gr/ Protein 3 mg/ Potassium/ Lutein/ Protein. 

Panagiota Basta
Dietitian - Nutritionist

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