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Τρίτη, 19 Ιουνίου 2012

Workshop @ New Farming conference

The last day of the New farming conference was dedicated to workshops.
During that day we decided to run our workshop, as well. 

We talked about the export process regarding the food products, and we presented the main operations of packaging in this process. 

In that meeting audience was the main player. And they plaid well. 

Interaction, questioning and inspiration were the keywords of the meeting. 

So we asked them to draw an image that could be used in a food package and clearly depicts Greece.  Not all the food producers responded. 

These are some drafts from THEIR ideas. 

We will try to highlight the main ideas coming out from these draws. The most important was there willing to participate and express their pure perception about Greece. Priceless info. Enjoy!!

An olive branch. So many meanings throughout the Greek history.

An olive oil drop. It is not irrelevant that Greeks are the No1consumers of olive oil per capita .
(Btw ... they are also No1 producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Of course. Ancient Greece is almost fetich. 

Sun, see & Sand. This reminds me of something familiar...

 Again. Sun and Sea. Very inspiring!!!

George Gkekas | Brand & Business Developer
fooditerranean | photography concept

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