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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful Food - The winners

The Beautiful Food contest invited Greek food producers to depict the beauty of their products by posting a photo. The appearance of a food product is crucial when comes to choose a food product. It is easier to sell a bad taste food product than a bad looking one.
There were two goals in this competition.
  1. To inspire food producers see their products from an alternative point of view, motivating them to consider the importance of the appearance.
  2. To promote the beauty of authentic food products, and create awareness among the food enthusiasts and opinion leaders of the industry.
According to fooditerranean project' fans preferences (likes on facebook) , the 3 most Beautiful Food are as following in descending order. 

 PELIA GEA | APPLE  145 likes

Pelion mountain's Firiki belongs to Malus domestica Borkh species and it is a Miniature Firiki variety.

It is an apple, its size is small to medium, its shape is cylindrical, its color is greenish but with bright red smear on the side which is facing the sun.
Distinguished by high hardness of its flesh (6-8 kg/cm2), by the great sugar content and by its low acidity too which gives a sweet and juicy flesh with a unique and intense flavor.

Wish bars: natural sugar free bars with honey, nuts & dried fruits. Available in three delicious flavors: Fig, Plum & Dark Chocolate!



Doctors and dieticians stress the importance of olive oil as a fundamental element for a healthy diet, as well as a potent medicament for a wide range of illnesses, as it had already been found since the ancient times. The main nutrient present in olive oil, “Elaine”, is well conserved by careful production techniques, and enhances the nutritional value of olive oil.

 FOUFAS BROS S.A | Extra Virgin Olive Oil and seed oils   55 likes

George Gkekas | Brand & Business Developer 

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