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Πέμπτη, 18 Απριλίου 2013

Natural moisture lips

Going back to my childhood, how could I not bring to my mind… the delicious slices of mashed bread with olive oil, grated tomato, feta cheese (a traditional brined curd cheese made in Greece) my late grandmother, made them and we ate every noon… their taste still accompanies me and reminds me of both the origin and my grandmother, so I would not lose an opportunity to come along even today, my meals with this excellent snack. However, my most recent personal experience certifies the therapeutic (healing) power of the oil. Specifically a few months ago I was forced to consume several medicinal preparations for the preparations of a severe colds which in combination with the cold season, as well as the hassle of a trip of mine aboard and the continuous climate change, because of many flights – caused me a special drying on my lips, accompanied with a miserable texture but also stinging. After trying almost all the proper “medicinal preparations” and the problem was not improved, I thought to prepare a spreadable mixture with neat oil which for generations in our places we used as therapeutic … and the miracle happened… the next day, the texture and image of my lips, showed significant improvement! Besides today it is scientifically proven, that olive oil protects the heart, helps in better functioning of many organs, is beneficial in the facing of  many diseases and it has a preventive effect in many cancer types.

Efstathia Chrysovergi | Journalist, PR expert
 photography by George Gkekas

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