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Παρασκευή, 26 Απριλίου 2013

Olive Oil on my hand

Ιt was the summer of 1960 in the olive oil planted small flat village, the Ammos village of Messinia and little George, infant then, playing with other children, tsigkakia (corks from bottles of soft drinks). For a moment he entered the traditional coffee shop of his father and went straight into the tenders with soda water and orange juices that were stacked on the windowsill. He was consumed by the curiosity to see the new tsigkakia (corks) in bottles of soft drinks. However, his small stature did not allow yet to reach the ledge and see new tsigkakia (corks). He firmly grabbed  the tenders with his hands up and jumped to see. The other time was bundled to the ground with his right hand bloodied from broken bottles that had fallen on him. River of blood came out from the large cut on the top of his hand, where the hand with the forearm are joined.

His cries, the shouts of children, the sight of blood, put wings on the feet of the fearful  Giorgaki's mother. She had no time to waste. One and two times wrapped tightly the towel, she got from the cafe, her bloodied child's hand and quickly-quickly led him to the western side of the village, to the home of Lagogiannous, a practitioner female doctor (Giatrissa in the local dialect).

Lagogiannou was an expertise  and effective practitioner doctor for wounds from cut. For sprain and fractures, there was another practitioner female doctor, Alexandra and for purulent conditions responsible saw the male practitioner doctor Giannetos. Lagogiannou learned from her mother she too, the excellent healing properties of Kalamata olive oil and immediately she put all her experience and art to stop bleeding and heal the wound. She filled with the excellent Kalamata olive oil her oil lamp,  put a flame below it and made it hot. The smell of scorched oil and what was to be done to Giorgaki to heal him, made the child screaming in anticipation. His mother under the directions of Lagogiannous firmly grabbed his Giorgaki's hand and Lagogiannou after she dived a cotton into the hot oil rubbed it onto the cutting of bleeding skin. Hot oil melted the skin of the hand, the child cried out loud and from the pain of the burn, afterwards this procedure was repeated several times by the practitioner doctor, blew his hand to cool the point of contention. Soon the pain softens, the melted skin united, the wound was closed and miraculously, the bleeding stopped. The hot Kalamata olive oil with its antiseptic and healing properties in a few minutes had healed the hand unfortunate Giorgaki's.

Five decades have passed since the incident and has not gone away not a day from the mind of Mr. George, longer. How to leave, as every day he sees the three centimeters  sign that the hot oil left and not ever disappeared from the top of his palm; Indeed Kalamatiano olive oil is miraculous, Lagogiannou was excellent practitioner female doctor (as we mentioned the local dialect -  Giatrissa), but back then plastic surgery was not invented!

George V. Kollatos | Food producer 
photography by wolfgangfoto

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