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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Olive Tree Collection

One of the oldest trees in the world / at Vouves

 olive grove at an urban park

 two isolated trees

 olive trees as urban environment decoration, at Thessaloniki

 a gorgeous olive tree

towards God

 another 2000+ years old olive tree

 the soil in an olive grove

 olive trees mixed with the sky

industrial (office buildings) decoration

 painted shadows

artificial olive tree

 olive leaves

 olive tree outside an old monastery

 beyond the sky

see the light in an olive grove 

 olive grove shadows

 walking among them

 harmonized with the Greek nature

 olive grove

olive grove and the sky

 olive grove's shadow

...all the photos have been taken from my personal collection...
-all the trees are found in Greece-

George Gkekas | Brand & Business Development
photo credits: fooditerranean

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