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Δευτέρα, 25 Αυγούστου 2014

Cretan Culinary Creations

Here they are some photos from the Olive Oil festival in Crete, Chania. The festival was closed with a culinary competition full of local Cretan recipes. All recipes had something in common: The Olive Oil. The festival was followed by a symposium.

Symposium means eating together. It means sharing. Sharing food, ideas, news and feelings. Α unique  ritual  for a typical Greek family. The way we eat and what we eat are all part of the Greek culture.

Enjoy some typical Cretan food creation based on olive oil. 

Briam Hondros

Classic Cretan Boureki

 All time Greek...Mousaka


Lamb with indigenous Cretan herb Malotira

Potatoes with Hondros

Pork with Herbs & Figs

Pasta with Olives

Stifado with Chestnusts

Cretan Kremisokaltsouna (with Onions)


 Moustalevia (sweet)

Sweet Bread

Bride Bread (sweet)

Bride Bread II (sweet)

Scented Rusk (sweet)

Samousades (sweet)

Agouromelenia (sweet)

Xerotigana I (sweet)

Xerotigana II (sweet)

Decor made with vegetables...

5 Top Greek culinary experts tasted and rated the best Cretan culinary creations...

photos credits: fooditerranean

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