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The Project 
We are an Export Management project (not intermediary, not resellers) based in Greece. We support  S/M agri-food businesses  by developing sustainable strategies, and exploring new business opportunities overseas. Founded and managed by George Gkekas 

Our mission is to develop small/medium agri-businesses and establish food products in the international markets.

Our vision to ameliorate both the international trade practices and synergies for Greek S/M food businesses.

The Story

Greek food is the best food in the world.
This was what Ι believed until 2010. Then I conducted a market research regarding the olive oil market in London, where I was living. That research really upset the Greek stereotype. In London, as much as in many other places, could not adopt our perception about Greek food. The reason why Greek products didn’t enjoy enough awareness was not due to the luck of their quality, the taste, or some other technical characteristics. The real reason was the lack of promotion or to be more accurate, the lack of a commercial culture which would enable the food producers to focus on a complete export strategy.

The feedback I got from this research was way more valuable than a marketing report. In fact I got answer to my most crucial question of that time. How and where I was going to transform my professional experience into a professional contribution. I had already decided to get engaged to the food industry. This is mostly because I consider this industry as an amazing terrain of creative, commercial, financial, cultural, or even social action. So at the end of the day one country fulfilled my research criteria. Greece. By the end of 2010 I came back to the Greece of recession and high unemployment rate. However Greece was the country with such agricultural wealth which never been branded. At the same time there was a gap on the strategic and cultural approach of the Greek food exports.

In the beginning we prepared the terrain where  added value food can be appreciated. Today,we are developing a tool to support Greek food companies approach new markets more competitively. We are developing fooditerranean.

George Gkekas|Founder, Managing Director

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